Harness the power of System Center 2012

Configuration Manager

Take control of your IT infrastructure with Configuration Manager. Deploy operations systems, software applications, and updates instantly. Monitor hardware and software inventory and remotely administer client computers from one dashboard.

Operations Manager

Operations manager gives you, the administrator the ability to monitor devices in your private, public, and cloud based devices. Most importantly monitor key services, devices, and applications by identifying problems before the user experiences downtime.

Data Protection Manager

Data Protection Manager is great for server backups, computers, Microsoft workloads, system states and bare metal recoveries. This handy software allows administrators to create backups in a number of different types of storages, including tapes, and the Azure cloud.

Endpoint Protection

Protect client computers from anti-malware and other security vulnerabilities with Endpoint Protection within your corporate structure. Endpoint protection allows administrators to deploy firewall settings, update database definitions to workgroups. Use email notifications to alert you when computers report when malware is installed.

Fully Managed Services Suite

Our full service Infrastructure support leverage's cost and system availability. We enhance and maintain infrastructure environments for maximum availability and zero downtime. This full range manage service can be selected as à la carte or as a full suite consisting of server management, help desk support, and network security.

Help desk

Help desk is a great resource that's designed to assist your customers with important information and support. Customers can obtain help with troubleshooting and guidance on products or services that are provided. Help desk can be accessed through a variety of ways such as e-mail, instant messaging, websites and toll free numbers. Help desk is also available for employees through what is known as "in-house" help desks.

Server Maintenance

Server Maintenance is the process of monitoring and updating software on a server. Server maintenance plays a very important role as it ensures that all servers run properly so that all computers perform accordingly. This in turn makes for increased work productivity as it will help in preventing total or partial network failure.

Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is the constant monitoring of a computer network. It helps locate components that are slow or failing. Once a malfunction is found a notification is sent to the network administrator through e-mail, SMS, or other alarms to prevent an outage.